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A reminder From Capital to Clean Gutters before winter hits Melbourne

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Capital would like to remind its customers and all Melbournians to make sure they clean their gutters before heavy winter rains begin.

Weather in Melbourne can be unpredictable, and in recent years we have experienced many heavy rainfalls, where we get a month’s worth of rain in a day or two, coupled with heavy winds. These unforeseen events cause havoc across Melbourne.

So, if you live in Melbourne, don’t be complacent. Clean your gutters and any drain pits around your home of all debris – especially autumn leaves that make so many Melbournian suburbs so pretty; yet block our gutters and cause endless water damage grief for many.

If you have large trees on your property, make sure they are pruned back and have been checked by certified arborists to provide you with peace of mind on extremely windy days!

Water Damage Restoration

In addition, to checking your gutters and cleaning them, make sure you do not have any loose or cracked tiles on your roof and that your windows are sealed properly so that you do not have an issue of water condensation this winter.

Avoid water entering your home during heavy storms; where short bursts of heavy rain cause havoc to property owners across Melbourne, by simply engaging a preventative maintenance program that is focused on identifying potential risks and issues and addressing them before the bad weather hits.

Far too often our Water Damage Restoration Technicians are addressing water damage effects that could have been avoided but were not due to an owner and or tenant negligence and/or ignorance to the maintenance around their home or business.

If you are unsure of how to engage in a proactive preventative maintenance program to avoid flooding and water damage at your home or business, call us and we will discuss the best way for you to identify any problem areas so you can increase your chances of identifying and proactively addressing them.

Our team of IICRC certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians have seen all types of causes of flooding and are a wealth of knowledge in helping you determine any possible risks of flooding in your home or business during bad weather. We can also provide you with access to our team of specialized trades partners to further assist you to get your home or business up to scratch before heavy storms hit Melbourne this year. Call us on 1300 554 418 and ask us how we can help you proactively protect your home or business from flooding and water damage due to heavy rain downfalls this winter.

If, however, you are unfortunate to have backflow of water into your home because of blocked gutters, damaged roof tiles or water flowing into your property on a rainy day because your drain pits are full of debris and not working etc, call our team at Capital 24/7 on 1300 554 418 and we will help you sort out your water damage problem, fast! We will aim to have one of our certified Water Damage Restorers at your premises in Melbourne within the hour.


Why in Melbourne are we so busy dealing with qater damage in Summer?

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In Melbourne in recent years we tend to have sudden storms and severe bursts of heavy rains and wind that causes havoc across the state in a short amount of time, leading to water damage emergencies across the state.

water damage emergencies Read the rest of this entry »

Flexible Braided Pipes are a Major Cause of Water Damage in Australia

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Did you know that Flexible braided pipes are responsible for more than 20 per cent of water damage claims lodged by Australian households in 2016?

Water Damage

To find out more check out this interesting article published by the Sydney Morning Herald


If you are unfortunate to be affected by water damage call Capital on 1300 554 418 and our certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians will be able to attend to your water damage anywhere in Melbourne in about an hour. We know what to do if your flexible braided pipes burst!

Why It’s Important Use A Certified Water Damage Restoration Company?

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Water damage can cause significant damage to properties in Melbourne, particularly during the colder wet months when sudden storms and downpours strike. When there is a sudden heavy downpour of rain the risk of water damage increases significantly.

Water can cause thousands of dollars’ in damages to your home or business. It can damage furniture, upholstery and appliances. It can damage your walls, skirting boards, carpet, floorboards etc. Where there have been issues of water damage there is also a risk of mould growth, which presents a significant health risk- particularly to asthmatics. Read the rest of this entry »

Contact us for the Best Water Damage Restoration Work in Melbourne

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Is the area you live in recently gone thru a flood? Is the condition of your house and belongings almost bringing tears in your eyes? If this is the case with you then you must be aware that it is going to be very challenging or almost impossible to restore your house in its old condition by working yourself.

Besides there is no need to bring ache in your hands by working manually when there are people who can execute this task on your behalf with such excellence that you cannot expect from yourself also. Thus unlike the old time now there is no need to hold a mop in your hand for wiping the water out of your house if your house is logged with water due to flood.

Without wasting a second you can give us a call at Capital Facility Services for the best water damage restoration work. Our excellently trained squad with their high tech weapons will not let the water harm your belongings anymore. Moreover the foul smell and hidden germs will also be gone so that you can breathe in fresh air.


Don’t you think this news is good enough for giving relaxation to your heart? With our regular services we are also available in case of any emergency. We will be at your door step within an hour in case of emergency cleaning service needs.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and dial our number. If you still do not believe us then open your laptop and check out our website for the reviews our customers had written for us. You won’t find anyone better than us so let us help you for the finest Water Damage Restoration at your home.

Expertise Available To Manage Water Damage Restoration

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Water is the driving force in nature. But when this force turns up to be evil, it can create a huge damage to mankind. Damages can be in different forms such as washing machine overflow, broken dishwasher hoses, broken pipes, foundation cracks, leaky rooftops or even heavy rains, snowfalls and floods. For the Water Damage Restoration in Melbourne, The Capital Facility Services is the best option.

Water Damage Restoration

Capital Facility Services Pvt. Ltd. is a commercial cleaning services contractor and facility management provider that has been in operations since 1993. Since long, we have continued to provide disaster recovery, commercial cleaning and office cleaning services across Melbourne. We assure quality on all jobs, quick and accurate quoting cleaning services and water damage clean up specialist quoting service. We also have expertise in dealing with the insurance companies for both residential and commercial clients and manage restoration programs. We try to reach your water damaged environment across Melbourne within 1 hour so that we can inspect the place and prepare a restoration plan quickly and work on it. We use specialized equipment for repair of all flood and water damage facilities and also a staff of qualified technicians. A detailed reporting of Water Damage Restoration assessment is available to support insurance claims. Storage facilities are also made available for protecting undamaged goods in a flood damage disaster zone. Our main aim is to address your water damage issues quickly so as to avoid secondary damage that can result from delayed restoration. We use IICRC accredited techniques to ensure rapid restoration in accordance with the type of water damage. We specialize in water damage carpet drying.

If you are undergoing through unfortunate water damage, do contact us for a quick and efficient restoration of that Water Damage Restoration. We are 24*7 available at 1300 554 418.

How Important It Is To Clean Water Damage Carpets

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Water damage carpets can create devastating situations inside your house or office and such an annoying situation comes with no prior warning. The damage takes place when there is a leak in the plumbing line or leak in the bathroom fittings. Also, rainwater damage or sewage line damage can lead to such terrible situation. At this very moment, you get to remain with only one option and that is to clean the water damaged carpet as soon as possible to prevent complete damage of the costly carpets.

Unaware of the fact, people do commit some mistakes during such water-logged situations which, instead of preventing further damage, worsen the carpet conditions. So, what you should do here?

Well, it will be a wise decision if you dial the Water Damage Carpets Cleaning service companies and ask them to take necessary actions as soon as possible. Restoring the normal condition is very crucial to keep away the carpet from further blemish and to restrict aggravation of an unhealthy and unhygienic environment.

Water Damage Carpets Cleaning

What are the things within your control?

In such emergency conditions, you have few things in your hand that you can do immediately:

  • Call up the Water Damage Carpets Cleaning company
  • Try to shut down the water source, if possible
  • Don’t walk on the dripping wet carpet and stop others from doing so
  • Open the drain so that most of the water can drain out

What the professionals can do?

The Water Damage Carpets Cleaning professionals know very well how to deal with such situations. The technicians are trained in this field and have experience how to clean it.

  • They use moisture monitor to measure the water saturation condition and accordingly plan the cleaning and drying assignment.
  • They perform customized damage restoration program depending on the contamination level.
  • They apply advanced mechanism in order to pull out water quickly from the carpet.
  • Towel soaking and finally carpet smell removal process is performed to restore the natural look of the carpet.

This is indeed a tough job and requires skillfulness and knowledge of application of various machines. So, it’s better to assign the job to the professionals!